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The 169cm full-body silicone doll is designed according to the golden ratio of a real person. It can perform oral sex, have real hair, electric suction, blood vessels, heating, voice, and jelly breasts. Your silicone girlfriend will make you want to stop.




Have you ever been alone at night, desperately seeking companionship? Have you longed for a silent partner who can comfort you during lonely moments? Come, let’s learn about this silicone doll independent stand product to bring you a different life experience.

This is not just a doll, it is comfort in your tired life, a loyal listener when you need to talk. It uses its gentle touch to comfort your fatigue; with its quiet companionship, to eliminate your loneliness.

Encountering the silicone doll independent stand product is the most powerful weapon you have found in your battle with loneliness. From this moment on, let’s say goodbye to loneliness and enjoy warmth. You deserve to have such a life.


Silicone doll

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Real person silicone girlfriend adult products